Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is one of the most old and traditional ways of adorning a women. Nose piercing adds that extra tiny spark in a woman’s nose like a diamond on the jewel! Most modern women also prefer Nose piercing these days. We are one of the few stores in Leicester offering painless nose piercing to our clients.

Did you know there was some science & signs behind nose piercing?

Science Behind Nose Piercing:

  • In Ancient India as a practice of Ayurveda, nose piercing on the left nostril helped relieve some pain during childbirth.

Signs Behind Nose Piercing:

  • In Ancient India a girl with a nose piercing symbolises that she was married or that she was ready to marry.
  • In America Nose piercing is considered to denote rebellion against parents or nose piercing is simply a sign of being wild and cool.

Nose piercing is not culture or gender biased. Nose piercing is simply done through all cultures and genders. There are a number of varieties of nose studs available in store that you can choose from. We are also happy if you bring your own stud.

Please visit our store and we have specialists handling Nose Piercing for you. Get all feminine and trendy with Nose Piercing today!

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