Nose Studs

We do sparkling nose studs in all sizes . Nose studs have a great heritage. The history of nose studs dates back to hundreds of years and was first worn by women in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. It is also a part of Australian Aboriginal culture.

Nose studs in the recent past have become a major style quotient. Nose studs are unisex both women and men take pride in wearing them. Nose studs in the past were mostly worn by married women but these days they are worn by all people of all ages. It is not seen as a sign of anything as seen in the past were nose studs were seen as the symbol of married or adult women. Nose studs these days are just a sign of fashion more than anything.

Please come visit our store for some stunning designs that will add a perfect touch to your fashion sense.

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    Rishitha Patel
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    Parmajeeth Singh